What are exemplary projects?

The Exemplary Projects aims to highlight those organizations or individuals that work directly or indirectly with the Sustainable Development Goals in Puerto Rico. So that the population knows about projects that are being carried out in Puerto Rico which are aimed at meeting those goals.

What is reading faces?

Reading Faces is a project focused on the use of Artificial Intelligence as an educational strategy that provides an emotional education for socio-emotional bonding in order to guarantee access to academic and functional skills. Rivera Medina has been recognized for this project by receiving the Prize for the Election of the Educator Community and the Prize for the Election of the Teacher.

In addition to Reading Faces, Rivera Medina has developed several projects from which he has received awards. These are: Pathfinders, DriveMe and Sensearound, which seek to develop socialization skills and security and independence behaviors, and ensure access to academic and functional skills. By leading an international group at the Microsoft Global Forum in Canada, he won the first Make What's Next: Microsoft Cognitive Service Award, for his project aimed at the Gamification of special education.

“Posicionar la educación emocional como eje vertebrador de un aprendizaje duradero para alumnos con autismo, resulta ser la apertura a una educación de calidad que garantiza un futuro esperanzador bajo un concepto de accesibilidad e inclusión”
– Bryan M. Rivera Medina